Alignment Mapping

What is Alignment Mapping?

Alignment mapping refers to diagrams that help illustrate the relationship between individuals and an organization. The goal of alignment mapping is to gain a new perspective from looking outside the company, mapping the journey, then pinpointing areas in need to achieve the overall goal of creating value for our users. 


The Alignment Series

Each map uncovers a different layer of the experience

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Unveil needs & pain points

A journey map defines the path a user follows in order to accomplish a goal. The overall goal is to unveil a customers needs and pain points. 


Identify process improvements

A service map helps visualize the relationship between what we see on the surface, to what processes beneath make or break the experience.  Service maps are a tool used to discover strengths and weaknesses within an organization.


Map essential tasks needed

A story map helps identity a series of stories a user needs to do in order to complete a given task. Story maps help us focus on the users in order to achieve better results and conversations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which book is best suited for my needs? 

Each book is beneficial for various business needs to help translate big ideas onto paper to help get everyone on the same page. Ideally, each book is used at different stages in the process for a more smooth, streamline experience.

When should I use Alignment Mapping?

Anytime, anywhere. The Alignment Mapping Series is meant to be conveinient for anyone to use anywhere to map any type of experience they would like to dig deeper into to gain better understanding.


Who should use Alignment Mapping?

Individuals, teams, and educators. Individuals can use the books to map everyday experiences. Teams can use them together to share knowledge and gain mutual understanding. Educators can use the books as a structured process that everyone can follow along with.